Adel Abdessemed

‘Alger Alger’, 2021
Mixed media on canvas
270 x 900 x 3.5 cm
Five panels : 270 x 180 x 3,5 (each)

Alger Alger is a nine meter long painting, composed of several panels.

These canvases play with the ambiguity of blood, even though they are painted with a liquid used in cinema to simulate real blood in a hyperrealistic way.

Adel Abdessemed takes us into a world of simulation and illusion, in the age of manipulated images or photoshopped photographs that seem more real than reality itself.

Black lines and patterns are hidden between the wide range of reds. These are musical staves, which echo the theme of Pontecorvo’s film “The Battle of Algiers”. The title, Alger Alger is a tribute to the vibrant popular song of the same name by Lili Boniche. The lyrics tell the story of an exile who disappears and remembers his city and his family. It also reflects the artist’s departure and deep attachment to her native Algiers, where poets, musicians and influential resistance fighters were (and still are) very active and vigorous.